March 2, 2010

Update on Sean's Pain Management Fight

I just returned from the pain management clinic. What an experience! I had to take a drug test and learned that there is a database (PDMT) kept by the state that my name is on due to being on pain meds. I have to say I was horrified to find that the state is tracking my prescription use. While I understand there being a drug culture what gives them the right to track this with out my knowledge?

This doctors "office" was crazy. The office was dirty and in no way felt like a medical facility. It was located in a warehouse and felt like one. There was no lobby and chairs had to be fetched from other rooms for waiting patients. The exam room was actually an acupuncture room that had once been an x-ray room. There was a fight (yelling) between one patient and the doctor and people walked out of their appointments.  The staff was unfamiliar with this "satellite" office and needed our assistance to give driving directions to other patients.

Moving on to the consultation. Once again I am faced with the choice of being a guinea pig for new drugs and therapies instead of being allowed to just continue the therapy that my general practitioner and I have found to work. The doctor seemed competent but actually stated she did not care about what I had tried in the past she was just looking to start over with the process. She was more than happy to prescribe opiates but wanted to take me through all the trial and error I have already done. However her willingness to send info to my GP is reassuring as I will continue to consult him through all therapies. The next steps for this clinic is for my drug test to come back from the lab and for the PDMT report to return clean. Then they will determine if I can be accepted into the program.

Overall I was very uncomfortable with this whole visit and on Friday I am going to another pain management clinic to discuss alternative medications.


Tanya said...

Hmmm... Sean I'm so sorry it didn't go better than it did. It sounds like it was pretty uncomfortable for you, and I can't blame you.

I am a liitle surprised that the new doc has no interest in the medications you've taken in the past. It seems they'd be interested to know which meds you took, how long, reactions, pain relief levels, etc.

Are you seeking the advice of yet another doc due to the unfortunate results at this clinic? My husband and I have had to do this too, when seeking help for Lauren. Sometimes I think you just have to trust your instincts. Of course that's easy to say "most of the time", but spoken with a certain amount of reserve when dealing with MAS/FD or FD... as both are so rare that finding experienced doctors is difficult and often requires travel.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your results. Try to hang in there and we'll pray you find the right doctor soon.

Again...thanks so much for sharing! Take care-


yealc said...

Thank you so much for the support. Yes I am seeking information from various different doctors and specialties. I will keep updating the blog with my adventures in pain management.
I was also surprised and upset that the doctor did not want to talk about my medical history. I am tired of being a guinea pig and so I will keep seeking an option that gives me a good quality of life.
PS. we pray for Lauren and your family every night.

Tanya said...

Thanks for your prayers and for sharing your journey. Good luck today! Praying this doc is a perfect fit! Hang in there!

Tanya and Family